Introducing the Centura Health Movementum app. This app actually counts the number of feet, yards, and even miles you’ve covered. It adds up every calorie you’ve burned. Connect now to the Centura Health Network and download your new Movementum smartphone app—FREE.

Once you've downloaded, please remember to open it and register to get started.

Make it a habit. Open the app every day so you don't miss a move!

  • Move

    Knowing how much you move is the key to moving more. Sometimes that's all it takes. Make a healthier you. Make a healthier community. One move at a time.

  • Track

    See every move you make without burning through your battery life. Movementum works in the background and doesn't connect to GPS, so you'll hardly notice it's on. You'll receive weekly summaries of your move count and achievements as you go.

  • Badge

    Earn achievements as you move. Take us up all 54 14'ers, earn the Peak Performer. Make 1,000 moves after midnight, we'll award you the Night Moves badge. We have rewards for all kinds of activities and levels, so get out and move.


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